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The Arctic is undergoing a spectacular transformation under the triple pressure of climate change, industrialization and modernization. Rapid sea-ice decline transforms the ecosystems and fisheries of Arctic seas, opening new sea-lanes to transpolar traffic, international tourism, and the exploitation of untapped oil reserves and mineral resources. Thawing permafrost destabilizes roads, airstrips, houses and the ecosystems of the tundra. Access to traditional fishing and hunting grounds and safe drinking water is increasingly difficult for Inuit. They are ever more dependent on southern goods, including tobacco, sugar, and industrial food that are linked to cancer, diabetes and obesity. While the industrialization and modernization of the North provide obvious economic opportunities, they also put pressure on the environment, health system, education system, and culture of northern societies.

Thus, the ArcticKT Portal aims to:

  • Consolidate the knowledge mobilization of leading national and international research programs into a dynamic portal to help inform adaptation and the sustainable development of the Canadian and circumpolar Arctic;
  • Transform existing and future assessments into living, online, searchable documents that will connect users to sources and experts for direct queries;
  • Build new bridges and coherence between academic and government research efforts in the Arctic.

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