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About us

The Arctic Knowledge Transfer Portal, hereafter referred to as the ArcticKT Portal, is a fully web-based and freely accessible platform. It aims to muster scientific and northern expertise in Canada and abroad, to inform decision-making, policy and adaptation strategies in the Canadian and circumpolar Arctic. The Portal gathers a wide range of information on marine and terrestrial systems, Inuit health, education and adaptation, northern policy and development, and knowledge transfer. This information is presented in diverse and comprehensive formats such as regional assessments, science briefs and short videos.

An editable and dynamic module in the ArcticKT Portal transforms the printed format of existing and upcoming assessments into living electronic documents that will continuously connect end-users to experts. The module enables contributing experts to continuously edit and update their reports, providing end-users with the much-needed information necessary to inform policy and adaptation strategies in the face of climate change and modernization.

The ArcticKT Portal is an initiative of ArcticNet Network of Centres of Excellence of Canada.

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